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The website has helped learners all around the world access Chinese in a fun and easy way. We transform classic Chinese literature into fun and lively animations for younger learners. The topics of our animations range from phonics to classic novels, so learners can start from the basics, such as Hanyu Pinyin, vocabulary and daily life conversation. We also design multimedia learning materials such as interactive story books and learning drills. Even better, you can download printable versions of these animated stories and multimedia exercises.
Offering listening that helps Chinese learners with pronunciation
Feature 3
PDF file downloadable which you can practice after watching the animation
Feature 2
1000+ Animations with
Traditional, Simplified Chinese & English subtitles. 
Feature 1
You’ll get access to awesome Chinese cartoons. 
You' ll be able to use our well designed learning recourses.
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– Meei Hwa Wang                         
“The major reason that people love 5qchannel is its vivid animations. In the past people can only watch the animation through laptop. Now new website allows learners to watch the video in not just laptop but ipad or phones. Since that teachers can easily show those animations with their phones or ipad. Without the limitations students can watch the video anywhere in anytime ! 
– Yujen Lien
“I was deeply attracted by the content of the website since I have signed up my membership with 5qchannel. All the courses are well-designed and suitable for the people who have no Chinese basics. Easily understanding and interesting style are two main factors that stand out the most. I strongly recommend kids who are currently learning Chinese should try out the website. 
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